Kat (katthepoet) wrote,

Kat would like to share a few things about his daughter.

- She's nine years old, though she has the maturity of a younger girl and the intelligence of a teenager.
- Has never beaten her dad at chess.
- Is a blue belt in Tae Kwon Do.
- Favorite bands are Rise Against, Alice in Chains, Disturbed and Metallica.
- Likes to play videogames, LEGOs and swimming.
- Is a fast eater and a bottomless well.
- Can be both an adorable girl and an annoying, curt pest.
- Is clingy and forgetful.
- Thinks one shower a day is half a shower too much.
- Doesn't know how to ride a bike. This is about to change tomorrow, by the way.
- Likes iced tea and yakisoba.

And of course...

- Is both the most lovable and the most loved like girl in the world.
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