Kat (katthepoet) wrote,

Fine, here's an update.


A day in the life. I think this was 30/11, but I'm not sure. Somewhere around that date.


08:00 Alarm goes off. I turn it off. Notice how 'I actually wake up' is not mentioned.

08:30 Alarm goes off. I turn it off. Notice how 'I actually wake up' is not mentioned.

09:30 I actually wake up, realize I'm late, and curse the gods.

09:35 First cig of the day. I take a happy pill and check my e-mail.

09:40 I leave my PC downloading something. I think it was porn. I wash my face, brush my teeth, pee, wash my hands, etc.

09:50 I leave for work late. Though traffic is pretty less intense, too.

10:00 I find a place to park my POS car and do so. A quick pass by the café, and the espresso machine is still broken. I grab an ice tea and actually go to my workplace.

10:10 I log into the system. 28 e-mails await n my inbox, less than half a dozen are actually worthwhile. I regret buying the ice tea; thing sucks terribly. The manager has already started pressing the team to meet the quotas and stuff.

10:40 I finish sorting through my e-mail and my tasks for the day; Doable, without a doubt. I go for the second cig of the day.

10:50 Cig smoked and hands washed, I take my first coffee. Terribly bitter, just the way I like it. I make good use of chewing gum to get rid of the tea, smoke and coffee symphony in my mouth.

11:00 First task of the day completed.

11:10 My schizo client pays me a visit. It's interesting how everyone else's disrespect for the guy here has actually made so disappointed and pissed off at my coworkes that I started liking the client, even though he's a pain.

11:20 I scratch my nose and fix my tie. really feel like having lunch. Guess I'll complete another task. A small one.

11:25 I solve a small printer emergency.


More to come later, typing all this is tiring as fuck.


E solitário dentro de mim
Tão dentro que é quase externo a mim
A luz da vela de meu coração
Grita contra a escuridão

Regojizo do sorriso
Que economizo
Dentro de mim
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